The verdict is in from across the globe, and it’s unanimous! If you’re tired of nostalgia trips and clones of clones, it’s time for a crash course in Hermetic Science! But don’t just take our word about the CD . . .


Intricate and interesting.
Bill Bruford, drummer, Yes, King Crimson, U.K., National Health, Bruford, Earthworks, etc.

Truly original . . . a very unexpected mix between jazz and progressive rock.
Bill Martin, author, Listening to the Future: the Time of Progressive Rock

For anyone with an ear out for weird fusion that has a wild nocturnal feel, like a space trip through the cosmos with Frank Zappa as your guide, Hermetic Science is just the strangeness you ordered. Instead of the usual guitar god approach, Hermetic Science features vibes and marimba, backed by bass, drums, and a vast assortment of percussion instruments . . . Ed Macan’s nimble mallets turn Emerson, Lake and Palmer-style epic sound adventures into ringing vibrations of dreamstates.
Chris Lauer, Anthem Monthly, May 1996

The sensation of Hermetic Science's music is tremendously atemporal and creates a dreamy ambience, like an Eastern European fairy tale: all the more surprising coming from an American musician.
Toni Roig, Lunar Waves (Spain), January 2000


Ed Macan’s virtuosic vibraphone and marimba parts play a keyboard-like role, simulating at times a Hammond organ, while the rhythm section compresses the sound into a solid block, tremendously melodic and brimming with nuances . . . an extraordinary CD that I highly recommend. Its unique nature borders on the historic.
J. J. Iglesias, Atropos (Spain), March 1998


Expertly structured around marimba and vibraphone, which have been enthroned kings of this sonic landscape, and applauded furiously by devil-may-care drums and acoustic piano, the eight tracks engraved on this whirlwind of digital experimentation reveal a truly remarkable maturity of writing.
Bertrand Pourcheron, Harmonie (France), Spring 1998

If you’re looking for something new and entirely different—yup, that means "progressive"—check this out.
John Collinge, Progression No. 26, Winter, 1998

This CD is full of some of the coolest and riskiest music on the market! For someone my age (I’m 43) who remembers the heyday of progressive rock bands when they were huge (ELP, Yes, Triumvirat, King Crimson), this disc is both a throwback and a step forward . . . Ed can play some serious vibes! And his rhythm section churns up a storm . . .
Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire, April 1998

This is a highly original and promising debut that fans of mallet percussion surely won’t want to miss. Recommended.
Peter Thelen, Expose No. 14, Winter 1998

Macan creates an intriguing sonic world, ideal for lovers of tendencies at the intersection of jazz and progressive rock . . . Recommended.
Andres Valle, Mellotron (Argentina), March 1998

A bold proposition, and one that is committed to seeking the most contemporary terrains of rock.
Rafa Dorado, Margen (Spain), May 1998

An album that seeks to depart from the usual approaches, propounding something truly innovative.
Ezio Candrini, Paperlate (Italy), March 1998

Finally, for once, someone has attempted something genuinely new!
Kristian Selm, Progressive Newsletter (Germany), May 1998

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