ARLEQUINS NEWSLETTER (Italy) no. 3 (June 1998), p. 19

Ed Macan’s Hermetic Science: same

Magnetic Oblivion Records 1997 U.S.A.

The background of Ed Macan, artist and teacher, sounds promising indeed. The CD presented to us is likewise promising, if not altogether accessible. The melodies built by the band are always close to the limit of the experimental, with one fixed look at modern European jazz and with, all in all, much imagination and inventiveness. Among the tracks "Esau’s Burden" and the lengthy "The Sungazer" stand out, but ELP’s "Infinite Space" also merits particular mention, having been remade in a good version, as has Curved Air’s "Cheetah." The great novelty of this CD is however the use that Ed Macan makes of the instruments, played with exceptional verve and an enviable technique, making me think that all in all this work could be a good example for keen but uninventive musicians. A CD for musicians who understand the notes and the structure of the music. Marco Del Corno