MUSIC UNCOVERED no. 28 (December 1997), p. 3

Ed Macan: Hermetic Science

1997 Magnetic Oblivion Records 52:37

From the author of Rocking the Classics (reviewed in Music Uncovered 27) comes a mallet percussion project, with Ed playing vibes and a variety of other tuned percussion. In the way of research, I took a little time to get reacquainted with Expresso II (Gong) and Libre Service and Ni Vent . . . Ni Nouvelle (Maneige), to hear how Ed’s playing compared.

He has more in common with Gong, where the vibes are prominently featured, than with Maneige, where they’re more integrated. Ed’s style of playing is more minimalist than either, and almost has a piano feel to it. Because there is no guitar, the music has an overall airy sound.

There are eight tracks: five originals, one Curved Air track, one ELP track, and "Mars" by Gustav Holst. Ed is joined by Andy Durham (bass), Donald Sweeney (bass), Michael Morris (drums/percussion) and Joe Nagy (drums/percussion).

Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter