WONDROUS STORIES (Great Britain), December 1999, p. 32


I set about reviewing this album with some trepidation.  Why? Because our editor, Martin Hudson, handed it to me like it was a court summons!


Ed Macan’s Hermetic Science are certainly deep thinkers.  However, I don’t want to dwell on the biblical prophets prophesying about deliverance and redemption or whether it is just bad secular thinking.  I have all on worrying if Grant Mitchell is dead or not!


Opening this CD is a cover of Rush’s “Jacob’s Ladder” in a style that is, shall we say, innovative.  The central core of the whole CD is the epic 41-minute Prophesies, a suite in six movements which has wonderful dense-textured music though rather homogenous at times.  Centered around pin-sharp percussion, keys, and bass, Hermetic Science have abounding enthusiasm and should be applauded for this diverse approach to instrumental music.  Okay, faced with mass market their appeal will be limited and criticism could be pointed toward a lack of melody.  This would be a cruel verdict as music is all about innovation.  Strangely the highpoint for me is the piano solo based on ELP’s Tarkus suite which is gripping.  In conclusion this is an album rich in ambient detail but of limited appeal.


Martin Dyas