PROG-RÉSISTE (Belgium) no. 55 (1st trimester 2009), p. 80

Who remembers Hermetic Science? Who remembers the epic review (three columns, albeit not the headline story) written by our D4D national in Prog-résiste no. 28?  And yes, as Prog-résiste no. 28 dates from 2002, already nearly six years ago, it is necessary to acknowledge that our friends of Hermetic Science will have had opportunity to forget them.  Only a compilation released in 2006 would have been occasion for us to take leave of our lethargy in matters of hermetic science.  And fortunately for those who have remembered them, and even for others besides, there is not reason [to forget them] after all, for behold, after all this time [comes] the grand return of the musical and striking researches of the grand musicologue, writer, professor, musician and composer Ed Macan.  Hermetic Science returns to us, as always, in the form of a trio with the genial Ed on percussion and of course composition, Jason Hoopes on bass and guitar, and Angelique Curry on drums and also percussion.  And we renew acquaintance again across seven long titles (almost all having a duration longer than six minutes), entirely instrumental (to be sure, you will have noted in the personnel listing that there is no singer), where, as is the custom for the music of Hermetic Science, inherent to the original manner of their habitual musical production, the melody is given principally to the percussion, especially to the vibraphone or the marimba.  As a result of the highlighting of the percussion, the tasteful accompaniment of the bass, and the numerous keyboard and guitar parts which play prominent accompaniment roles, the riches of the sonorities remain absolutely fantastic and extraordinary.  It is a veritable test CD for all hi-fi chains that would want to show their respectability.  Musically, one navigates between Emerson, Lake and Palmer, as without doubt in their previous work, and a je-ne-sais-quoi of Pierre Moerlen’s Gong.  An attractive voyage from the perspective of its sonic landscape and bewitching melodies.  I can’t end this review without mentioning that the cover of the album is by Paul Whitehead, the same which drew the finest covers of Genesis of the grand epoch, that also for those who remember it.                 Alex Willem