MARGEN (Spain) no. 24 (January 2002), p. 115

Ed Macan is the proper name in this project, which intends to unite progressive rock with the different aesthetics of contemporary classical.� After Hermetic Science (1997) and Prophesies (1999) arrives En Route, which opens with a version of Holst�s �Mars� that clearly resembles ELPowell�s version.� En Route is a more �rocking� disc than its predecessors and less interested in polyrhythmic surprise and the intricate superimposing of harmonic planes.� This one is more melodic, especially in the extensive suite in four parts, �Against the Grain,� that dominates the work, and forms part of the other even more extensive suite that gives the disc its name.� In �Raga Hermeticum� the mode of Hindu-fusion typified by In the Labyrinth or Orient Squeezers is recycled, although the arrangement is effectively sustained by marimbas and mallet percussion and the resolute Hammond and Moog, suddenly very close to the style of Keith Emerson, although without his pyrotechnics.� If you like ELP, this will calm your yearnings in abundance, but to those in tune with his two first works perhaps this will sound too conventional.��� Rafa Dorado