Harmonie (France) no. 64 (November 2008), p. 54

The Californians continue their musical researches based on vibraphones, marimbas and other percussive instruments in order to lead towards a progressive that is “different” and beyond the beaten path.  Paul Whitehead, the celebrated illustrator of the covers of Genesis, occupied himself with the pictorial aspect of the fourth opus of Ed Macan, leader of this formation and more celebrated for his erudite writings on progressive rock and ELP, his fetish-group.  Jason Hoopes (bass, guitar) and Angelique Curry (drums, percussion) complete the trio required by Macan for a work characterized by two long suites of 15 and 10 minutes, two interludes and three pieces, all instrumentals.  A work that constructs itself patiently, harboring henceforth with Musea if you please!!  And beyond the beaten paths, the taste of Macan for percussion offers an astonishing milk shake which is worth the detour for the curious ears.     Bruno Versmiss