GLASBENA  MLADINA (Slovenia) no. 9/99 (November 17, 1999), p. 28


Hermetic Science have released their new CD, entitled Prophesies.  This record is different than their first album, on which the sound of the vibes dominated.  Now there is a much bigger emphasis on the mighty sound of the keyboards, played by group leader Ed Macan.  But at the same time the vibes playing is even more breathtaking than before.  Admirers of complex keyboard passages won’t be disappointed:  Steinway grand piano, Hammond organ, ARP string ensemble and Moog have very important roles in the very precisely structured music of Hermetic Science.  The main number is the 42 minute long Prophesies suite, which consists of six movements.  This is a very original progressive rock synthesis, related to the best moments of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and jazz. 


Stanislav Kovac