ARLEQUINS (Italy), March 2000, pp. 13-14

Hermetic Science is the project of one Ed Macan, vibraphonist of progressive inspiration.� Talking about such a unique instrument as this we cannot help but think of musicians like Gary Burton or Mike Manieri, but Hermetic Science eschews any trace of a jazz ambience.� Instead, they focus on experimentation, entirely instrumental, within the parameters of the classic progressive rock style.� A powerful bass guitar and percussion unite during this performance, giving life to an interesting album, rich in ideas.� From the instrumentation we certainly also understand that the peculiarity of this ensemble requires an adequately open mind, therefore traditionalists need not apply!� Like in the previous, self-titled album (1997) this record again contains some covers:� Rush�s �Jacob�s Ladder� and the liver performance of ELP�s �Tarkus,� here rendered on solo pianoforte.��

Gerald Crich