News Update:  June 2019

Welcome back, Hermites, and thank you for your patience.  It has been a while!  First of all, we are pleased to roll out a completely revamped Hermetic Science Official Website.  It has been becoming increasingly obvious that this site, which had not been updated since late 2015 (and has not undergone a fundamental makeover since the early 2000s), needed a thorough revamping, especially as streaming displaced CDs and Mp3 downloads as the medium of choice amongst younger listeners.  However, we were waiting for just the right occasion to roll out the revamped site, which we now have—see below.  Besides an updated biography and a new page for streams, we have thoroughly rearranged page content to reflect modern sensibilities.  On the new “Links” page, please check out Hermetic Science’s numberonemusic page.  This is a great site that functions much like myspace did in its halcyon days many years ago, except it’s even better, because unlike myspace, which mainly connected musicians with other musicians, this page lets artists connect directly with their fans in a very intimate and real-time way.  I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with a new generation of listeners on numberonemusic, and one reason it has been so long since this site was updated was simply that a lot of announcements that formerly would have made their way to the Official Website have been posted there instead.  Please check it out while you are perusing the updated Official Site.

The big news:  the first Hermetic Science album in eleven years will be released on July 1, 2019!  No, it will not be a studio album.  I am in the process of feeling out whether there is any interest in, or justification for, a fifth Hermetic Science studio album, and this release is part of that process.  Titled Out There:  Hermetic Science Live 1996-2006, this two-CD set is the band’s first live album.  CD #1 features a complete set by the Macan-Durham-Nagy lineup recorded at an outdoor festival in May 1997; These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins rehearsal audio recorded by the Macan-Hoopes-Curry lineup in May 2006; and excerpts from a wee hours April 1996 live radio broadcast on KHSU’s “Kind Music with Bud” radio show featuring the original Macan-Sweeney-Morris lineup.  CD #2 features a complete show recorded in February 2000 by the Macan-Hoopes-McClimon lineup.  The release, which comprises two and a half hours of music, will of course also be made available for download and streaming.  Once it is available in all mediums, we will begin posting excerpts on Hermetic Science’s numberonemusic page.

Ed Macan
Eureka, California, June 2019