TARKUS (Norway) no. 20 (March 2002), p. 32

The last record by Ed Macan’s Hermetic Science was a pleasant little effort where tuned percussion was central to the sound, something which gave the music a fresh and nice touch.  Not as sophisticated as Gentle Giant, but in the whole a record which stood out in a positive vein amongst a lot of uninteresting releases.  It is therefore sad to report that En Route is not of the same caliber.  The compositions are long-winded and flat, packed in an uninspiring production, totally lacking ardor and energy.

Macan’s synth sounds prove that analogue is not necessarily “the” thing, because this record must certainly win the “ugliest synth sounds ever” competition.  They are not charmingly ugly like the Farfisa organ and the RMI piano, just plain ugly.  A friend of mine thought they reminded him of his daughter’s 40 dollar Shell Select keyboard.  Those sounds can be fun enough, but definitely not the right thing for symphonic rock.

A really big yawn of a record.                            Trond Gjellum