COLOSSUS (Finland) no. 18 (Spring 2002), p. 29


Ed Macanís Hermetic Science seem to have taken into consideration some comments (stated also in the review in Colossus Magazine) about their first album.† Many wanted to hear Macanís fine and complex compositions played by a large arsenal of different keyboards (on the first album the main solo instrument was vibraphone.† On his third album, Macan uses different kinds of keyboards (Hammond, ARP, Minimoog, etc.) and the album seems to be a wet dream for keyboard fanatics.† Macan is a master of his work and there is plenty of good playing on the album.† The compositions of Macan are carefully constructed and the atmosphere changes nicely through the whole length of the 44 minutes of the title suite.† A very good buy for those liking excellent keyboard-based prog.††††††††††††††† Raimo Eurasto