BACKGROUND MAGAZINE (Netherlands) no. 80 (December 2002), p. 42


Hermetic Science is a trio from California featuring Ed Macan (tuned percussion, keyboards), Jason Hoopes (bass, guitar), and one of two drummers, Matt McClimon or Joe Nagy.  Lots of percussion, which makes it quite an interesting formation.


Starting with a somewhat static version of “Mars” from Gustav Holst’s The Planets, the CD features the En Route suite in seven parts.  In the second part, the percussion is used very nicely, with vibraphone and assorted tom toms.  The overall sound is melodic, simply arranged, and very well played.  But the production sounds a bit dull to my ears.  Influences from old Canterbury stuff can be heard clearly (early Soft Machine, Caravan) but also avant-garde, Eastern music (sitars!), and modern classical passages fit in perfectly.  These musicians know how to impress their audience, with carefully-crafted and structured music.  Quite a nice listening, mainly for proggies who are looking further than the usual crossover stuff (*** out of ****).  Wouter