ARLEQUINS (Italy), March 2000, pp. 13-14

Hermetic Science is the project of one Ed Macan, vibraphonist of progressive inspiration.  Talking about such a unique instrument as this we cannot help but think of musicians like Gary Burton or Mike Manieri, but Hermetic Science eschews any trace of a jazz ambience.  Instead, they focus on experimentation, entirely instrumental, within the parameters of the classic progressive rock style.  A powerful bass guitar and percussion unite during this performance, giving life to an interesting album, rich in ideas.  From the instrumentation we certainly also understand that the peculiarity of this ensemble requires an adequately open mind, therefore traditionalists need not apply!  Like in the previous, self-titled album (1997) this record again contains some covers:  Rush’s “Jacob’s Ladder” and the liver performance of ELP’s “Tarkus,” here rendered on solo pianoforte. 

Gerald Crich